2019 Is Designated as the Year to

ReDiscover Diving

ReDiscover Diving is a National Program to Help the Certified But “Rusty” Divers Get Safely Back into the Water

Dive Shops, Instructors, Training Agencies, Manufacturers, Magazines, Charter Boats & Resorts, Dive Insurance Companies, Dive Clubs and various Non-Profit Groups are all being asked to participate.

But How?  It’s up to them. Whatever works for their region, season and schedule. Whatever they would like to do to help get divers safely back into the water:

  • Refresher, Continuing Education and Other Dive Safety Courses
  • Discounts and Incentives
  • Create Diving Opportunities
  • Welcoming New Friends
diver re-certification
rediscover diving

rediscover diving

Downloads – Free to Use

We encourage diving professionals to use this logo to help promote their diving programs. It’s free to download, free to use and it shows that this is an industry-wide diving safety project.

Download “The Ageless Diver” (pdf)

Download ReDiscover Logo (pdf)

Download ReDiscover Logo (png)

Download Flyer: Dive Workshops (pdf)

Download Flyer: Dive Courses (pdf)

Download: Responsible Diver Code (pdf)

Full Responsible Diver Code

Contact Your Local Dive Professionals for Their Schedule of Courses